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    Essentials you need for life’s emergencies

Be Prepared...

"Get up. Grab. Go!" more than a motto, it is part of a proactive plan that you should make for you and your loved ones to ensure disaster survival.

GoBagsOnline is family-owned and operated. Our company recognizes that you can't always prepare for every emergency that life throws your way. That said, events such as hazardous material spills, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, snow storms, and even terrorist attacks can and do happen. In certain scenarios, you and your family may be required to move quickly, on a moments notice, out of dangerous areas to safety.  In other cases you may be restricted to your home, office, school, dorm or vehicle for a period of days until order and safety are restored. 

Your Gobagsonline Premium Emergency Backpack provides you and your family with short-term, essential survival supplies when you need them the most! Our Premium Emergency Backpack is both practical and portable, containing enough essential supplies to sustain four adults for a minimum of three days.

Do not be fooled by other low-cost so-called "survival kits" and "bug-out bags" found elsewhere. Only GoBagsOnline offers the highest in quality and value, containing only the most premium products available on the market. Many of the items included in our Premium Emergency Bags are approved by organizations such as the U.S. Coast Guard for use in lifeboats or on commercial aircraft.  At GoBagsOnline, we have done the research for you and have taken the guess work out of creating a "go bag" for you and your loved ones.


Stocked with select USCG approved Datrex emergency food rations, long-life Datrex water packets, stainless steel water bottles, a first-aid kit, a crank operated AM/FM radio with cell phone charger, multiple lighting, hygiene, safety and shelter components… your Gobagsonline Premium Backpack can be your lifesaver. 

Compact and rugged, our Premium Emergency Backpack uses the outstanding Condor Compact Assault Pack as the foundation for carrying your emergency preparedness supplies. The Gobagsonline Premium Emergency  Backpack is easy to store at home, in your vehicle(s), in the dorm room or at the office.

Whether you select our benchmark GoBagsOnline Premium Emergency Backpack or choose to have a custom emergency backpack stocked to fit your personal needs, know that thoughtful research and input from experienced military professionals has been considered in the selection of all components. 

Just Added!!

NEW! SAS Survival Guide now included with the purchase of any size
GoBagsOnline Premium Emergency Backpack!


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